WTCR’ 19
Individual & Teams
20 – 20 min




TEST: 13/01 Indianapolis GP
ROUND 1: 20/01 Chang International Full Circuit
ROUND 2: 27/01 Dubai Autodrome International
ROUND 3: 03/02 Mid Ohio Short
ROUND 4: 10/02 Zhejiang East circuit
ROUND 5: 17/02 Suzuka Circuit West Course
ROUND 6: 24/02 Indianapolis GP


TIME: 22:00 CET Wednesday

QUALY: 15 min.
RACE 1: 20 min.
RACE 2: 20 min.n

500 VRP PRIZE for the cleanest pilot among the top 10 classified



It is mandatory to use the same name at RRS Discord and Raceroom.

❗ The use of Spotter or radar is mandatory

❗ Main drivers will have to enter the race server before the Qualy, the free places will be filled by the reserve drivers.

❗ Reserved drivers will be able to enter the server if there are free places, in Qualy. Password at #🔒pass

❗ If a driver causes an incident is mandatory to give back the place to the affected driver/s

❗ It is obligatory to respect the flags

🚫 Aggressive driving, blocking in track, abusive use of headlights, using R3E chat in race and to harm another driver when returning to track are forbidden.

⛔ It is forbidden to change your racing line on a straight more than once.

⛔ It is forbidden to change your racing line when there are two cars in parallel, on a turn from the braking point.

It is considered parallel when one car is next to another, rear axle of the front car with the front axle of the rear car.


Breaking any of these rules will suppose 5 points penalty

(-10 point)


⚠️ Minor incident: Cause an incident and give back the position.

(-5 point)

☢️ Normal incident: Cause an incident and don’t give back the position.

(-10 point)

☣️ Severe incident: Causing a multiple accident, causing an abandonment/mechanical problems or some major problem.

(-20 point and DNF)


The Organization reserves the right to apply WARNINGS.

1 WARNING implies the suspension of the next race.

2 WARNINGS implies Championship expulsion